Does Social Media Marketing Actually Aid in Your Small Business Success?

Is social media marketing really helping your small business?  Are all your efforts to map out a social media strategy using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks really bringing you any kind of return on your investment of time, effort and money?  We’re going to answer those questions in this latest blog post.

Level the Playing Field

Small business owners understand the playing field is not level when it comes to competing with large businesses.  That is why most of these owners understand that social media is vital to both their survival and their success.  As you can see from the real-world example mentioned in that linked article, social media can make up for the difference in resources and level the playing field for small businesses competing with established, bigger brands.

What They Really Want

Does your small business have the monetary and people resources to have its own research and development department for creating new products and services for your customers?  We’re willing to bet you answered “No” to that question.  When you use your social network community to crowdsource your next offering, you have an even more powerful tool.  A business’s R&D department can never predict exactly what your customers want with 100% accuracy , but your customers on your social media channels will gladly tell you if you just ask.

An Emotional Connection

The global marketing research firm Market Probe International recently shared some interesting findings from a study looking at Twitter users and small businesses.  The research found,  “People are more likely (72%) to make a future purchase from an SMB after they follow or interact with them on Twitter.”  Another important finding was that, “Most people (85%) also say that they feel more connected to an SMB after they follow them.”  This emotional connection will deliver repeat business and recommendations.

Biggest Bang

Understanding the importance of social media interaction is one thing.  Getting your Facebook fans, Twitter followers and other social network participants to engage and share your content is maybe more important.  So, how does your business get the biggest bang for its buck and have its social media community share your posts?  You need to share the type of content your social community deems shareable. To find out what people find share-worthy in your country take a look at this social media study.

How does your small business utilise its social media resources?  Do you use your social networks for crowdsourcing, connecting emotionally with customers, customer service and support, or any other brand-building actions?  Please share your success in the comments below with our readers.

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