Your Customers Are More Than Just A Source Of Profits

You might think that your customers are simply a source of profits for your business, but that’s not true. While, it’s certainly right that without customer purchases your business would fail they have other uses as well. You can set your business marketing up in a way so that your customers become a fantastic promotional tool and yes, we mean on social media. Let’s look at some of the clever ways you can use customers through social media.


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The first option to explore is UGC or user generated content. Exactly as it sounds, UGC is content that is created by users of your business. So, for instance, you might be selling trainers. If that’s the case an example of UGC would be photos of customers wearing your bespoke designer trainers. You can see how this could impact future sales for your business. It’s possible that UGC might double or even triple the number of customers in your user circle. For instance, you might find that followers of the individual who share the image decide that they want the product. By linking it to your profile, they’ll easily be able to find where they purchased the item.

To make sure you get UGC, you just need to encourage your users. Give them a little boost in the right direction. You can do this by publishing calls to action on your site: “Love your shoes? Send us a selfie with you wearing them and we’ll post in our a feed!.” You’d be surprised by how many customers will respond

Promotional Merch

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As well as encouraging users to share their experiences of your products, you can send them free promotional merchandise. This can be anything from pens to stickers and pins. Perhaps you decide to use a company like The Pin Factory to produce and send out a pin to every customer that buys one of your products. If that’s the case, they might wear it in one of their Instagram posts and immediately, you have a fresh option to pick up extra attention for your business or campaign. You can even design the product to be particularly eye catching. As long as it’s stylish, you can bet it will be seen somewhere online.


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Do you know that hashtags make content ninety percent more likely to be shared online? Yep, you read that correctly, ninety percent. Essentially, this means that if you’re not using hashtags through online marketing campaigns, then you are missing out on a truly fantastic opportunity. Essentially, hashtags can establish and create a campaign that will spread across various social media outlets.

Live Feeds

Finally, you can set up live feeds. Live feeds on social media will provide customers an outlet to offer responses related to your products and services. As such, they could provide vital information that you will then be able to use to improve your business and take it in bold new directions that still appeal directly to target customers.

We hope you see now that your customers can be so much more than just a source of purchases.

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