Creating Shareable Social Media Content

It’s what drives sales up in every business now, the amount of shares on social media. While there are plenty of social media tools you can have at your disposal to get your content onto the right platforms, what are the reasons that people share something, and what can you do to make the most of these in your marketing strategies?


On a psychological level, we all have a strong desire for approval in one way or another, and this is why there is a certain percentage that is more likely to share content that has already been previously liked or shared. So what you can do is to make the sharing button visible with the share amount displayed which will encourage people to share it too.


It’s not just pretty pictures that matter. When it comes to content especially if you want it to be shareable. There are plenty of marketing services that can work with you on your story. Marketing agencies such as can work with you on specific creative territories such as the tag lines, but there are simple things you can do yourself to make your content stand out. Something as simple as making the writing easily scannable, as well as things like using small paragraphs and font that is easy to read, will help to engage the consumer.

The Entertainment Factor

The more shareable content tends to be good news rather than depressing stories. So if you can tailor your content towards making the user respond in a positive way, such as making your headlines intrigue or pique the interest of a user, as well as including stories that can make content memorable, engaging, and, of course, shareable.

Causes And Beliefs

People will share content that defines who they are and will share items that tend to mirror their own image, as well as highlight issues or causes they care deeply about. So, with this in mind, sharing content with your key demographics will encourage them to share. Make sure that you research your demographics to find out their own needs or desires by using tools like so you can tailor the content towards them.

Creating An Incentive

A very common marketing technique now is to get people to share content in order to gain access to exclusive offers or recognition. So you can do things such as including them personally into your content or promotions. Or use tried and tested age-old techniques, such as a discount on their next purchase, it is a very useful tool in ecommerce.


Creating informative content is something that can separate you from the other businesses and websites out there. A lot of people will share items of information that is interesting or surprising, as well as useful to the sharer. There are millions of “how to” lists on the Internet, so if you can create content towards your target audience that makes life easier for them, this will be an easy way to more traffic in an organic way.
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