How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Company Page in Five Steps

Does your LinkedIn Company Page resemble a boring company brochure?  Are you taking advantage of all the features this social network offers your business?  We’re going to share five steps for turning your company page into an effective social media tool for your business.

Cheap Imitation

Are you copying and pasting your company’s website content onto your LinkedIn Company Page?  While it is okay to use some of the same the content, put a little effort into rewriting your content before adding it to LinkedIn.  Think about your audience – who you wish to reach – and offer just enough content bait on this social network to draw them over to your official website.

Point and Click

Another effective way to lead your target audience from this social media marketing channel to your website is to take full advantage of the three banners offered to businesses on their Products and Services page.  Create visual banners sending visitors to your opt-in email newsletter, driving them to your special promotions, or pointing them to your Twitter for business channel or other social networks.  Don’t ignore these rotating banners as they are an excellent marketing tool for businesses.

Right On Target

Does your business target its marketing messages to anyone and everyone, or do you actually create a marketing strategy with your target audience in mind?  If your LinkedIn for business page allows you to create multiple versions of your brand messaging to target different demographics like geographic location, job function, industry, etc., then why are you not doing it.  Follow the steps in this LinkedIn article on Hubspot to turn your company page into a targeted, automated, lead-generating tool.

Push the Promotions

Are you offering a free trial on a service your business offers?  Do you plan on putting together any special discounts or promotions for any of your products?  When adding your products and services to your company page on LinkedIn, make sure to utilise the special promotion section to its fullest.  Write an attention-grabbing headline and use strong calls-to-action to push your prospects and visitors into your sales funnel.

Off the Beaten Path

Here’s an idea that is off the beaten path for most businesses using this social network’s company pages.  Instead of only promoting products and services, use the Products/Services section to offer your marketing materials – ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, etc. – and send visitors to your website where they fill out the opt-in forms to complete the download.  Here’s a great example from Hubspot’s LinkedIn page.

What strategies have you found successful for your LinkedIn Company Page?  We’d love to hear your social marketing tips, success stories and anything else you would like to share.

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