How to Create Blog Posts that Improve Social Marketing Results


Do you use blog posts as part of your social media marketing strategy?  Are you creating blog content that helps improve your social marketing ROI?  Implement the following blogging for business tips to increase your social marketing results and engage your social network community.

First Impressions Count

Optimising your blog posts starts with writing an effective headline.  If you craft a viral headline, chances are you will increase comments, likes, shares, retweets, etc. from your fans and followers.  Here’s an excellent Buffer article sharing tips for writing the perfect headlines for your blog posts.

Image is Everything

Are you including images in your blog posts?  Start putting as much thought into the photo you use with your blog posts as you do in writing your headline.  If a well-written headline doesn’t grab your readers’ attention, then an eye-catching photo showing up in your Facebook for business fans’ news feeds can drive them to click.

What They Want

Does your business have a hard time finding valuable timely topics for its blog posts?  Here’s a wild idea – Ask your social network community what they want to read about.  If you give your Twitter followers. Facebook fans and LinkedIn connections content they want to read, then they will reward you by not only reading it, but also by sharing it with their social connections.

Lengthy Discussion

Now that you have your content ideas, you need to find an optimal blog post length.  You could test and test, but we’re going to save you a lot of time by telling you that according to Quick Sprout, “Once the word count exceeds 1,500 words, it’s in the golden share zone.”  The research in this article looked at how word count related to Twitter tweets, Facebook shares and LinkedIn shares. 

Plug It In

Want to get your social network community involved in sharing your blog content?  Invite them into your blog content and make sharing easy for them.  Use social plugins to embed social discussions on your blog and to place social sharing options front and center so your readers are encouraged to share.

Ask for Action

Are you using calls to action with your sales content?  Even if you write viral headlines, include eye-catching images, create valuable content with the right word count, and provide social share buttons, many of your readers will not interact socially with your content – unless you ask them.  Adding calls to action (Share this blog post, Like this post, retweet this post, etc.) in your blog post content will give your readers a much-needed nudge in the right direction.

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