How to Craft the Perfect Twitter Tweets and Grow Your Twitter for Business Followers in Six Simple Steps

Are you using Twitter for business and wondering why your brand’s tweets are rarely favorited or retweeted?  If your social media marketing strategy is reliant on this micro-blogging social network, then you need to make sure you making the most of the time and energy spent sending tweets.  In our latest Twitter for business blog, we’re going to share steps for crafting the perfect tweets – the ones that will engage your audience, grow your followers and amplify your reach.

Start Small

The key to micro-blogging success is to, well, micro-blog.  If your tweets are filling up – or going over – the 140 character limit, then its time to scale back a bit.  In fact, much like Facebook and Google+, Twitter posts receive more engagement (i.e. favourites and retweets) when they are shorter in length.

Hash It Out

Twitter hashtags are one of the most effectively and least effectively used social marketing features available for businesses.  If you want to see more engagement with your tweets, use hashtags but keep them to a minimum (1-2 is the sweet spot).  Also, make sure to use hashtags which are relevant to the topic of your tweet, your target audience and your business industry.

Ask and Receive

Do you ask your fans to like, comment or share your Facebook for business posts?  Why are you not doing the same with your tweets?  Start asking your followers to “Retweet” (spell it out and don’t use “RT”) your content and you will be surprised to see how happily many of them oblige.

Timing is Everything

People are connecting to social networks with mobile devices more often now than ever before.  Three of the times of day when individuals use their smartphones to quickly connect with social media are during morning commute, at lunch break and at dinner time.  Share your Twitter content during these times and you’ll connect with a larger audience.

Weekends Off

Does your social media marketing take weekends off?  Many brands do not bother to share Instagram photos, Facebook posts, Pinterest Pins or Twitter tweets over the weekend.  Your followers have more time to actually click your links and read your content on weekends.  Don’t waste your opportunity to share blog posts and other important marketing content to your Twitter for business followers on Saturday and Sunday.

Pay to Play

Are you totally against paying for social advertising?  Well, with the diminishing reach of social media content due to a variety of factors and because social media advertising is getting more targeted and efficient, now is the time for a change of heart.  Take a look at this news regarding Twitter tailored audiences with promoted posts if you need a little push.

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