Cool Social Media Tools to Enhance Your Business’s Social Marketing Strategy

Social media involves much more than just the big social networks.  There are also a multitude of social media marketing tools which help you manage your social channels, schedule your social posts, enhance your photos and videos, track the performance of your social networks and much more.  Like the ever-changing landscape of social marketing, there are new social tools popping up on almost a daily basis.  Here are some your business may want to pay attention to as we move into 2014.

Write Your Story

Does your business understand the importance of social seo?  Is your blog team making the most of Google Authorship and Author Rank to help raise the awareness of your brand’s content?  Make sure you give the free, beta version of AuthorRank a try to see how well your work is paying off.

Crystal Ball

Have you often wondered if there was a way to know exactly what your social audience found interesting and sharable?  Well, there is a way to do just that and it doesn’t involve a crystal ball.  Social tool Sway connects to Facebook and Twitter and lets you know what content your audience finds interesting and is sharing.

Deep Discovery

Another free tool for searching and discovering content related to your business or anything else you would like to search is Social Searcher.  This free social media search engine is more robust than a basic search engine.  Your search results will also bring back a wealth of analytic information as well.

Three for One

Are you using Instagram for business in your social media strategy?  There are too many cool tools to mention here, so we’ll share three right now and let you use Google to find these and even more.  Try Slow Shutter Cam for long exposure photos, use Overgram to add text to your Instagram photos and piece together a photo collage with PicFrame.

Branded for Business

Have you been looking for a community of like-minded business professionals?  Would you like a location to find interesting and useful business-related content which you could use to grow your business and share with your social networks?  There is an place online you should visit, and that place is called ShareBloc.

Buy It Now

We are often told to not sell with our social media content.  This is important but not 100% true.  While you should spend the majority of your time providing engaging, valuable content to your fans and followers, there is no reason to not also provide a valuable service such as the ability for your social audience to purchase your products directly from your social feeds.  Social selling tool Getonic lets you bring your store directly to your social networks and target audience.

What social media tools do you use in your social marketing strategy?  Please let us know in our comments below.

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