How To Come Up with Blog Content Ideas that Engage and Inspire your Readers

Blog Content Ideas

Does your business’s blog need a serious content makeover?  Are you looking for fresh, new content ideas to engage your blog readers?  Today’s post offers blog content tips that will help you come up with content ideas which will improve your blogging for business social marketing strategy ROI.

Social Surveys Deliver

Want to write valuable content that your blog visitors really want to read and share?  The simplest way to create captivating blog content is to go to the source.  Share surveys with your email marketing list and social media fans and followers asking them to provide you with the content they will find valuable.

Go-To Blog Content Idea

A great go-to blogging for business post you can keep on hand in case of writer’s block or to fill in the gaps of your editorial calendar is a “How-To” post.  Need help with what to include in your “How-To” blog post content?  Take a look at your FAQ page or ask your customer service department what questions your customers and prospects ask most often.

Open Graph Image Content

This blog tip is a bit off topic, but in today’s social media marketing environment, not all blog content is written content.  Images are very important – not only to grab the attention of potential readers – but also because those images show up on social networks when shared by your readers.  Using an Open Graph-sized image will save your business time and money by allowing you to create one image for multiple social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

An Invite to Experts

Do you often find yourself too busy to not only come up with valuable blog content ideas, but to also write that content?  We suggest you start inviting others to write guest blog posts for your business.  Bringing in experts in related fields or related interests of your target audience will not threaten your bottom line, but instead will provide value and increase trust with your readers.

Blog Elements Blueprint

When your business finds success with a particular sales or operations process, do you then create a blueprint so you are able to duplicate that success in the future?  Well, if you follow a blog content blueprint that highlights the best practices for writing successful content on your blog, then that makes coming up with blog content topics that much easier.  Here’s your blueprint in the form of eleven essential ingredients every blog post needs.

Team Profile Blog Posts

We often discuss how B2B businesses should humanise their company on social networks like LinkedIn by posting photos of employees and behind the scenes images.  Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, you can do the same with your blog.  Showcase your business’s personality by creating blog content that features employees and introduces these team members to your readers.

How do you come up with blog content ideas?  Please share below.

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