Who Cares if Teens are Leaving Facebook? These Businesses Surely Don’t!

Who cares about the social media news reporting that teens are leaving Facebook?  Well, one group of businesses who aren’t concerned with these reports are  B2B businesses who use social marketing to reach the older demographic.  In this blog post we’ll share tips to help your B2B business use Facebook to improve brand exposure, build trust and capture leads.

Growing Older

Have you wondered what the future of Facebook will look like?  Well, if your target audience skews towards the older demographic, then you will be happy to know your audience is growing.  While teens seem to be leaving to use social networks like Instagram, this chart shared by Mashable shows that all audience segments older than 25 are growing faster than teens are fleeing.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Has your business been looking for a reason to put more effort into its Facebook for business marketing strategy?  Looking at the chart we referenced above, it is easy to see a glaring reason why now is the time to focus more energy on this social network.  The numbers are telling B2B brands that the 25-34 demographic is up by 33%, the 35-54 demo is up by 41%, and the 55+ demo is up by 81%.

Money Talks

Are you counting on your B2B social marketing costing you nothing to implement?  While it is true that you can push content and build relationships on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for free, the growing social media trend in 2014 points to paid advertising on social networks.  Every brand should set money aside in the annual budget for paid advertising to supplement your non-paid social media marketing content.

Get Personal

Want to make real connections with your business’s Facebook fans?  Take a cue from casual Friday – loosen your tie and show some personality.  B2B businesses should share “behind the scenes” content like photos of your employees at work or a glimpse into the inner-workings of your business as this can help humanise your brand.

The Long Tail

Do you want to see an increase in sales overnight from your B2B social media strategy?  This is the wrong approach to social network lead generation as your business should focus on building trust and growing relationships first and foremost.  A long-tail social marketing strategy which helps your prospects and customers solve problems and succeed in their business goals is the best approach to take.

Dual Approach

Should lead generation be your business’s only goal with its social marketing content?  The answer to that question along with a few other great tips for generating leads on Facebook can be found is this HubSpot article.  Having a non-lead generating goal for your Facebook for business content is vital to your B2B social media strategy.

 How does your B2B business use Facebook?  Please share in the comments below.

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