Capturing the Mobile Consumer with a Mobile Social Media Marketing Strategy

Does your business have a social media marketing strategy that addresses the growing target audience of mobile consumers?  Many businesses do not think of how they can reach this growing segment of prospects and customers.  We’re going to provide the information you’ll need to start capturing the mobile consumer with a mobile social media marketing strategy.

Boom or Bust

Why is it time for your business to focus its social marketing efforts on mobile consumers?  According to, “in the United States alone last year, “…mcommerce (mobile commerce) sales shot up 81% to nearly $25 billion.”  And globally, mobile web usage has grown to 17% of all traffic.  Now is the time to jump on this mobile boom or your brand is likely to go bust as you try to catch up with your competition.

Check-In Please

Let’s start this discussion on mobile social marketing on your Facebook for business strategy.  One fo the best ways to utilise this social network is to provide incentives for check-ins, ratings and recommendations.  Not only will this content show up in users’ News Feeds, but it will also help you pull in customers when they utilise the Nearby Places tab in their Facebook mobile app.

Moving Pictures

Have you taken advantage of mobile video in your business’s social media marketing plan?  Consumers across all demographics love to watch video content on their smartphones and mobile tablets.  Instagram, Vine and YouTube: Include each of these mobile video apps in your social network strategy.  Convey your branding messages with short, fun and creative videos that engage and entice your fans and followers to share with their friends.

A Big Plus

Your brand may not have a Google+ for business presence yet.  If not, then now is the time to get started.  Not only is this social network growing by leaps and bounds, but it also is very important for social SEO and traditional search engine optimisation.  And when it comes to capturing mobile consumers, a Google+ for business page will also give your Google Maps presence a big boost.

Tumble without a Stumble

Microblogging has long been synonymous with Twitter in social media circles.  And Twitter for business is an excellent tool to add to your mobile social media marketing strategy.  However, we want to talk about something a little more visually appealing for those of you looking at the microblogging platform.  And that something we’re talking about is Tumblr.  Here’s a nice intro to Tumblr so you can decide whether or not you wish to include it in your mobile social marketing plans.

What is your favourite mobile social media marketing strategy for capturing mobile customers?  Please share in our comments below.

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