Can Social Media and Australia Aged Care Services Form a Healthy Partnership?

Social media and Australia’s aged care industry are not a good fit.  If you believe that statement, then it is time to reassess your beliefs around aged care and social media marketing strategy.  In our latest blog post, we’ll take a look at how aged care facilities in Australia can use social networks to connect with, educate and engage with their target audience.

Big Picture

One glance at social media statistics in Australia and it is easy to see – by the sheer number of social media users across a wide-range of social networks – that there is an audience awaiting your aged care facility marketing efforts.  The statistics in this Pew Health Fact Sheet show us that people are searching online for health and health care information at a staggering rate.  These social media usage statistics and the increasing popularity for using the Internet to find health care solutions and information, show us that now is the time for those in the aged care industry in Australia to develop a social marketing strategy.

Content Matters

Start planning your aged care social media strategy by thinking about your target audience.  Remember, people are searching online for health care and aged care services information.  Create a social media content marketing strategy which delivers valuable information – not only around your aged care facility and services – but also around content which educates individuals and families who may be or may soon be looking to place a relative in care.

Day to Day

Want to offer a glimpse into the daily activities and lives of recipients of aged care to build trust with family members and showcase your aged care facility to potential residents and their families?  Sharing photos and videos on Facebook, using Google+ YouTube videos and posting Instagram photos are excellent ways to accomplish this goal.  This strategy helps to bring out the human side of your facility, encourages residents’ families to share and engage in your content, and turns your social community into social marketers for your facility.

Employee Involvement

Should aged care employees be encouraged to participate in your aged care facility’s social media strategy?  Carers should absolutely participate by posting, sharing and engaging on your social networks.  However, you must have a social media usage policy in place to ensure all carers follow rules and are compliant with all privacy issues.

Online Interaction

Social media channels can also provide platforms to deliver support, feedback, interaction and information to your carers and family members of residents in your facility.  Private groups on Facebook and Google+ Live Hangouts are just two tools which come to mind.  Those who provide aged care services can use these tools for online interaction with their carers, with families searching for an aged care home, or to connect with those families whose relatives are residents in your facility.

The above social media strategies for aged care in Australia are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using social marketing to promote your aged care services to your target audience.  We would love the opportunity to show you how social media marketing can benefit your aged care facility, your residents and their family members.

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