Calling All Business Neanderthals… It’s Time To Utilise Social Media

If you have been using pen and paper, and an abacus while being stuck in your cave for the past decade or two, you may not have been aware of the emergence of a little thing called social media. Having taken the world by storm, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to name but a few are paving the way for businesses, large and small, to get themselves noticed amongst a new clientele. As a company owner, you know the importance of a watertight effective marketing strategy which is why you should divert some of your funds from traditional marketing towards your all-important social media presence.

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Flooding your social media feeds with high quality and readable content will increase the number of viewers, readers and shares you’ll receive. Each of these little acts will increase your brand awareness and visibility across the globe. Finding a niche in terms of your online voice can generate a viral or cult following. If you’ve ever seen TheTweetOfGod, you’ll know how the sarcastic and satirical tone of 140 characters can make people sit up and think about what is going on in the world. This guy has 3.65 million followers and counting.

Developing A Better Relationship With Customers

It was a revelation when celebrities began to personally take control of their twitter feeds. Fans could, if they were lucky, receive a like or a retweet from their favourite pop star, actor or sporting hero. While you may not have the same gravitas as Beyonce, you can begin to communicate with your customer base on a more personal level. You can tell them what’s going on in the office, set up fun polls for them to take part in and keep them up to date with your latest offers and product launches. If you’re getting a company like TPM commercial builders to design and build you a new store as you expand, let your followers know. If you are supporting a new startup and letting them design you a new logo, show it to the masses on Facebook first.

Traffic To Your Website

Although the realm of SEO may still seem a mythical and distant land, the simple re-direct of traffic to your website from your social media channels will be clear to see through any analytical piece of software. You’ll be able to spot patterns in the sorts of posts that result in the most traffic to your shop pages. If your customers are clicking on promotions, retweet them more often. As people share your posts, they will attract a new audience and have a greater reach on the Internet.

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It’s Inexpensive

The cost of social media marketing is incredibly low compared to the more traditional methods. It’s free to set up your accounts, and you can utilise many different apps to formulate only one post and have it distributed across all of your platforms. You don’t need specific training and outsourcing to external experts is not required.

Millennials show no sign of relinquishing their grip upon the power of Twitter et al. Facebook is here to stay, and it’s up to you to move from the dark ages into the social media bathed light.

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