Your Businesses Guide for Acquiring Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers

Does part of your social media strategy focus on growing your social network community.  Acquiring Facebook fans and Twitter followers is not rocket science.  However, many brands don’t spend the energy and effort on a consistent basis to grow their fans and followers.  We’re going to share some real-world, action-oriented tips to help your brand grow your Facebook and Twitter community.

No Short Cuts

Have you thought about giving your social marketing a jump start by purchasing social nework fans and followers?  Taking a shortcut like this can do more damage than good.  That’s for another blog post but here’s a few good reasons why buying Facebook fans is a bad idea.

Editorial Content

Does your business make use of an editorial calendar?  This social media strategy helps your brand on many levels.  Besides the fact that it makes you sit down and put some thought into your social marketing, an editorial calendar also creates consistency in your posting and tweeting which helps grow your community.

Outside the Box

Blogging should be a part of every brand’s social marketing and content strategy.  Using social sharing buttons to promote your content and your social sites is very important also.  One excellent tip for growing your Facebook and Twitter for business networks’ exposure is to take your blogging outside your website and become a guest blogger on other sites.

Helping Hand

Using your social media platforms for customer service has many benefits.  It is cost-effective and time-saving for your brand along with being highly-accessible and highly-responsive for your customers.  When your business uses social networks to deliver effective customer service, you receive a secondary benefit of growing your fans and followers.  Bonus Tip – Use Twitter’s Custom Timelines feature to create a dedicated customer service stream.

The Big Winner

Do you like winning?  Well, so do your Facebook fans and Twitter followers.  Coming up with a regular schedule of creative contests which encourage participation and involve your audience will boost your fan and follower numbers by leaps and bounds.

By the Numbers

Would your business like inside information on exactly what fan and follower-growth tactics are proven to be effective?  Well, you don’t have to be part of a secret society of social media masters to get your hands on this information.  In fact, here’s an article with a list of the most effective tactics for growing these two social networks.  We’ll just go ahead and say, “You’re welcome!”

What strategies and tactics have helped your business grow its social media community?  We’d love to hear your tips and success stories.  Please share in our comments below.

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