Build a Massive Online Presence Simply, Efficiently and Effectively with These Tips

Want to give your business an edge by building an massive Internet marketing presence?  Even  business owners flying solo can create an illusion of being everywhere, all-the-time online.  But having the ability to do this can also create a big headache when it comes to developing content and managing your social media and online marketing strategy.  Here are four tips that are guaranteed to make your life easier and your social media marketing efforts more effective.

One Into Many

Are you like many business owners who mistakenly think they need to post completely different content across all their social networks?  Well, there really  is no reason to share different content on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn accounts.  Instead, start by creating valuable content on your blog, and then repurpose blog content in a variety of forms across your social media channels.

Selfless Sharing

Not all businesses – especially sole-proprietors – have the time to create enough blog posts to repurpose on their social networks.  Need to fill in the content gaps so your brand creates an illusion of being a larger, everywhere on the Internet organisation?  The simple solution is to share content – information that your customers will find valuable – from related businesses that are not direct competitors with your brand.  Your customers and other businesses will reward your selfless sharing by engaging and sharing your content with their social communities.

Tools of the Trade

Have you heard the saying, “Time is money”?  Finding an efficient and time-saving way to manage your social marketing efforts is not that difficult.  There are many web-based and mobile social media management platforms that give you the tools to schedule, analyse, monitor and manage all your social networks quickly, simply and easily.  In fact, here’s 50 top social media tools to get you started.

Don’t Go it Alone

Chances are you are probably an expert and authority on the products or services your business provides.  But are you an expert on social marketing?  There is no reason for you to go it alone and try to learn the best way to market your business through social networking.  The right social media manager can provide everything from strategic consulting to hands-on management – giving your brand the appearance of being everywhere online while saving you the time to grow your business.

How does your business build and manage its online presence without sacrificing energy needed to grow your bottom line and run your day to day operations?  Our readers would love to hear about your successes.  Please share in the comments below.


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