Bring Your Brand’s Content Home – Effective Strategies for Twitter Embedded Tweets

Does your business use Twitter embedded tweets to increase your brand’s exposure to the online universe?  You should include this tool to your online marketing and social media strategy.  We’re going to share a few ways your business can begin to use Twitter embedded tweets and gain an edge on your competition.

Nuts and Bolts

Here at Socialface, we’ve been sharing social network news regarding Facebook and Google+ embedded posts.  We haven’t neglected those of you in the Twitterverse, but we haven’t shared any real-world strategies to get you started.  Before we do that, we wanted to share information to help you understand the nuts and bolts of how to start embedding Twitter tweets.

Close to Home

Does your business participate in trade shows, conventions or events?  Do you hold special promotions to launch new products or services?  Many businesses that do will have a special feed for Twitter users to ask questions, comment or post in real-time during the event.  Use an embedded Tweet widget to embed the stream on your website or blog while keeping your participants close to home and a click away from being able to purchase your goods and services.

Tell it Like it Is

Testimonials help brands convince prospects to become customers.  With Twitter embedded tweets, you can create a stream of testimonials on your website.  And unlike traditional testimonials, these come with another level of trust and authenticity as they are linked to a user profile on Twitter.

Building a Blog

Does your brand incorporate blogging into its social media marketing strategy?  Embedded tweets offer a way to amplify your reach and increase the engagement on blog.  Not only can you have Twitter showcase tweets from others who have shared your blog post, but you can also encourage others to comment and share right in the embedded Twitter feed.

Straight Talk

Twitter chats are excellent for Q & A sessions during a webinar.  Your business can also use a Twitter hashtag chat on a regular basis to interact with your customers for a number of other purposes (i.e. – company news, customer support, product tips and tricks, crowdsourcing, etc.).  With the embedded tweets feature, you can now hold those Twitter chats on your own turf and increase website traffic and exposure instead of sending those visitors to Twitter.

Using social network content on your own website or blog is an excellent way to control your branded content.  It is also an excellent way to amplify the effectiveness of your social media content.

Can you think of any other ways to use Twitter embedded posts to grow your brand and reach your target market?  Please use the comments below to share.

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