Our Best Social Media Marketing Tips of 2014 are Ready for You. Is Your Business Ready?

Are you ready for our best social media marketing tips of 2014?  How do we know these tips for social marketing are the best we’ll share in 2014 to help your business improve its social networking strategy?  Well, these are the first social media tips we’re sharing in 2014 so,by default, they are our best 0f 2014!  If your business is looking for some social marketing tips to kick off 2014 the right way, then you’ll find a few right here.

Outsmart the Algorithm

Have you noticed a large decline in your Facebook for business Page’s reach due to the social network’s new algorithm?  Well, there is a way to outsmart Facebook and ensure your fans have the choice to see all your posts.  To have your fans receive a notification each time your business posts and to increase the probability they will see your posts in their News Feed, tell your fans they need to hover their pointer over the “Like” button on your business’s Page, select “Get Notifications” from the drop-down menu, and then also click the “Follow” button next to the “Like” button.

Trade Content for Customers

Over the years, most of us have heard the phrase, “Content is king.”  Here’s an article that puts forth the idea that content is not king.  Your brand will do itself a service by taking note of this well-written article and remembering that the customer is always king when planning your social media marketing in 2014.

Get Real

Are you focusing your social media efforts on mobile marketing?  2014 is the year you should make sure to shift some of your energy and resources to real-time, location-based social marketing.  From Facebook to Twitter, social networks will continue to create more features and tools to help its users use their mobile devices more effectively to connect with friends, businesses, content and deals.

The Right Effect

How are you using Twitter effectively to grow your business and reach out to customers and prospects?  Are you building an engaged audience or mostly just sending out tweets randomly with no interaction with your Twitter followers?  Take the time in 2014 to focus your energy on improving your Twitter ROI and use these Twitter tips to get started.

Moving Pictures

From Instagram to Vine and Google+ with YouTube, online video creation and consumption continues to grow as a means of sharing social media content.  If your brand is still just wading in the video waters, you’ll quickly find yourself falling behind.  2014 is now the time to dive right in and start using video in your social marketing strategy on a regular basis.

What is your business focusing on as you move forward with your social media marketing efforts in 2014?  Please share in our comments below.





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