Believe Us, the Following Social Media Marketing News Items are a Must-Read Right Now

In this latest instalment of our favourite social media marketing news, we share a new way for you to discover and read your news with your favourite mobile device.  You will also read how you can increase online sales by sharing on the right social network and by placing your Facebook ads in locations you never could before.  So, if you are ready, let’s dive right in and take a look at some of the newest social marketing news and social network features we think your business should pay attention to right now.


Are you a fan of Facebook’s standalone mobile apps like Messenger, Pages and Instagram.  Well, the social network recently announced its latest – a standalone news reader mobile app – named Paper.  This new mobile app from Facebook will feature various news sections and offer users the ability to share items to Paper’s Newsfeed.

Big Data

If you are one of the many business using Twitter Cards as part of its Twitter for business marketing strategy, they you will be happy to hear this news.  The company just announce that it will now offer analytics for Twitter Cards.  This data will definitely help your business understand the performance of its Twitter Cards and in turn improve the ROI of your social media marketing efforts.

Everywhere You Look

Would your business like to increase online sales by adding Facebook for business mobile advertising in non-Facebook mobile apps to its social media marketing strategy?  With a recent announcement from the social network, it looks like that day will arrive soon.  The company will begin testing Facebook advertising in non-Facebook mobile apps with a limited number of partners in the near future.

Pin and Win

Is your business’s main target audience comprised mostly of the female demographic?  Then according to this recently released Pinterest infographic featured on HubSpot, adding the photo-pinning social network to your social marketing efforts is a no-brainer.  In fact, according to the data provided, “Pinterest drives four times more money per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook.”

Company Business

Does your social networking plan include LinkedIn for business – more specifically – LinkedIn Company Pages?  In case you missed these updates recently, the company recently put out an announcement sharing some of the new features for brands using Company Pages from LinkedIn.  You can now customise images with company posts, like and comment as your LinkedIn Company Page, feature specific products and services with Showcase Pages, and stay up to date with all the Company Pages you follow and manage from a single location.

Have any social media marketing news you would like to share?  Please post yours in the comments below.

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