A Beginner’s Guide To Facebook For Business

Previously, we discussed the best way to use Twitter as part of your social media strategy. However, it’s strongly advised that you don’t just focus on one social media platform when marketing your business. Today, the focus is the big Daddy of social media; Facebook. If you haven’t already read that Twitter article, then you should go ahead and open it up ready to read after this one.

For now, it’s all about Facebook and the best ways to use it for your business. There are numerous approaches, but the things discussed in this article are the main aspects to consider.

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Facebook Pages

The first step in using Facebook for business is to create a business profile page. This will act as a portal for your company on this social media platform. It’s where you’ll post updates and links, provide information about your business, and allow users to interact with you.

Mainly, you aim to get as many ‘likes’ on your page as possible. This means your page will show up on the likers feed, and your posts will be more visible. Obviously, increased visibility means more interaction. To get more likes, you need to share your posts with others and get them to share too. Running a competition where users can win prizes if they like your page and share it is a great idea to get those likes flying in.

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Facebook Advertising

As well as the organic approach to Facebook, you can also walk down the paid path. Facebook advertising is essentially where you sponsor your own posts to get them seen by more people. A typical Facebook ad will be a page displaying a link to their website – it’s fairly straightforward. The benefit of advertising on this platform is that you can be seen by billions of people. Facebook themselves say around two billion people are on the platform every month. That’s a lot of eyes and – potentially – a lot of clicks.

There are some key things to consider here. The first is the advert itself. You need to ensure it’s captivating and grabs people’s attention. This is done with engaging text and visuals that lure users in. A digital advertising agency can help you with that, and they can also help you with a good landing page to keep clickers on your site. The second thing is to be quite aggressive when bidding for ads, you want to get yours seen by as many people as possible, in the prime activity periods.

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Truthfully, these are the two main things to concern yourself with when using Facebook for business. Set up your page and organically try and get those likes in. The more likes you get, the more visible your page will be. As a knock-on effect, more people interact with your posts, which can mean more leads for your business. You can use your posts to link to your website, which helps increase traffic too.

Similarly, you can pay to advertise some of your posts to get even more exposure. This is a brilliant way of increasing web traffic to a particular page. If you’ve launched a new product/service, or have a sale on, then a Facebook advert is a brilliant way to get noticed,

Take everything into account if you want to get the most out of Facebook. Combine this with Twitter, Instagram, and other social media for the best effect.


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