Beef Up Your Blog Content with the Help of Social Media

Having trouble coming up with content for your business’s blog?  Looking for simple solutions to create and curate content quickly?  Well, with the help of social media and the following tips, you’ll never have to stress about your blog content again.

Old News

We’re not here to argue whether or not blogging for business is an integral part of a brand’s social marketing campaign.  We’ve already walked down that path and pointed out that blogs are social media.  Instead, we’re going to share some easy steps for finding blog content and turning your brand’s blog into an engaging social media marketing tool.

Social Search

One of the best ways to create quality content that connects with your target audience is to write on subject matter that your prospects and customers are talking about right now.  How can you do that?  Use your social media monitoring tools to search for social conversations (start with #hashtag searches) about your business.  Also, Facebook’s Graph Search now allows you to search comments, status updates, photo captions and check-ins which makes finding real-time conversations involving your brand easy and fast.

Group Effort

Have you heard of crowdsourcing?  Well, if you are actively participating in LinkedIn Groups or Google+ Communities (You are, aren’t you?), then you can let other members help you create your blog content.  Start by asking a question – pick a hot topic that triggers emotion and induces ego-driven opinions – then sit back and watch your content create itself.

Cut and Paste

This tip is not promoting stealing content from other sources and then pasting it into your blog.  This blogging for business tip is all about taking advantage of a feature that most of your social networks offer.  Twitter, Facebook and Google+ all offer simple solutions for embedding social media content into your own blog.  And when you do this, the content comes to life as it is updated in real-time just like the original tweets and posts are on your social networks.

Visually Stunning

Online visitors are notorious for skimming through content quickly and clicking away fast when they lose interest.  Instead of filling your blog with paragraph after paragraph of copy, add photos and videos to capture the wandering eyes of your reader and draw them in with engaging visual content related to your brand.  Here’s an excellent article that shares the sometimes-tricky process of sharing Instagram videos on your blog.

We love to hear from our readers.  Please share your blogging for business tips and content creation ideas right here in the comment section.

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