How To Become a Real-Time Social Media Marketing Superstar in a Matter of Minutes

Have you watched from the sidelines as your competition rode the wave of real-time marketing?  Does your business want to learn how to use social media marketing to take advantage of popular events and breaking news before the crowd moves on to greener pastures?  Read on and we’ll share a few tips (along with pitfalls to avoid) to become a real-time marketing superstar


The importance of real-time marketing can not be overstated.  There is a good chance your competition already incorporates this type of marketing in its social media strategy.  And according to the article linked to above, “Consumers are 22 percent more likely to consider a brand  as a result of real-time marketing.”


With that being said, one of the first steps for building a successful real-time marketing campaign is to know your audience.  Understanding your various audience segments will allow you to plan an effective cross-channel campaign.  Then, in the weeks leading up to your campaign, make sure to start planting the seeds and laying the foundation with the social networks you plan to use.

Join the Conversation

Once your real-time social marketing campaign is underway, make sure to pay attention to conversations outside of your own space.  This is especially true if you are riding the coattails of a popular event or newsworthy item that your business did not create.  For example, if you created a Twitter for business hashtag around an national event, make sure to also take part – with meaningful, helpful content – in conversations that may reside in other popular hashtags related to the event.

Lifting Restrictions

When an event is happening or a news item is breaking, you will have to lift some of the restrictions, policies and procedures and trust your team.  If your social team needs to navigate an obstacle course of approvals, then they will easily miss opportunities to strike while the iron is hot.  For instance, with 50% of Facebook post Reach occurring in the first 30 minutes, your team will want to answer comments and interact immediately with having to climb a steep hill of hierarchy for approval before reacting.

Don’t Do This

Want to know what your business should avoid with its real-time social media marketing campaign?  First, don’t be late to the game.  And if you are, then don’t continue as your campaign will seem stale and silly.  Next, never exploit a tragedy or think you are clever enough to not be seen as exploiting a tragedy by your fans.  Finally, don’t sacrifice your brand’s identity by rushing out with an ill-conceived campaign just to be a part of a newsworthy item or event.

We always love hearing from you and learning from your experiences.  If you have any tips or success stories revolving around real-time marketing and social media, please use our comments below to share.



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