How to Avoid a Social Media Meltdown by Not Making These 6 Social Marketing Mistakes

How to Avoid a Social Media Meltdown

Social media for business owners and companies can be filled with opportunities to crash and burn.  How do you avoid a social media meltdown and prevent a viral backlash from your social network fans and followers?  Avoid these six social marketing mistakes and you will be off to a good start.

The Wrong Race

Does your business expect instant results with its social strategy?  No matter if you are focusing your social media marketing strategy on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, other social networks or all of the above, you must remember (and remind your boss) that you can’t run the race as if it were a sprint and not a marathon.  While some of your social marketing – think Facebook ads – may focus on fast results, the big picture is persistence and long-term focus.

Failure to Plan

How do you map out your business’s social media management strategy and then implement that plan?  If you don’t have a process or plan, then you are just asking for failure.  You can avoid this trap by implementing the tips from this Buffer blog post discussing, “the wheel of social media strategy.”

Stop Shouting

Social media for business – unlike interruption marketing (think television commercials) – is not a self-promoting, shouting match.  Don’t behave like a teenager with self-esteem issues who is looking for constant attention.  Instead, focus your energy and attention on your social network fans and followers by listening, answering, helping and empowering.

Unclear Policies

What will happen when someone blasts your company with negative comments or posts that go viral?  Do your employees understand the do’s and don’ts of social media when representing your business or using company accounts?  Not having a social media policy can lead your business down a long, dark alley full of danger.

Falling Behind

When was the last time your paid attention to what was going on with the social networks your business uses to engage its fans and followers?  Do you use the right images sizes, follow best practices, use new features or stay within the boundaries of the latest terms of use policies?  The social environment changes rapidly, and you must keep up with the latest social media news, features, strategies and rules to ensure your business avoids pitfalls and sees success.

Failing Your Fans

What’s the last social marketing mistake we want you to avoid?  Forgetting to focus on your fans is important, but failing to focus on your super-fans, your brand evangelists, is a serious mistake.  Remember, your brand evangelists are your biggest advocates – seek them out, reward them and get them solidly on your side.

What mistakes would you add to the list?  Please share in our comments below.

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