Are Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Falling Flat? Read This Today!

Social networks need a little lift?  If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to your social media marketing efforts, we’ve got six simple steps you can implement today.  So, if you are ready, let’s give those social marketing strategies you’ve been using a nice, new facelift.

Narrow Your Focus

Don’t feel like your business needs to be on every single social network in cyberspace.  If your online community loves interacting on your Facebook for business page and Twitter account but is almost non-existent on other social networks, then focus your energy on those popular social channels.  Weed out the losers, focus on the winners and you’ll see the fruits of your labor multiply quickly.

Timing Matters

If your social media marketing posting strategy is based on one of the many “best times to post” articles floating around the internet, then you need to give you posting strategy another look.  These cookie-cutter, best-time-to-post strategies do not work because every business’s social community is different.  Take the time now to review your social analytics and see what times your fans and followers are engaging with your business,  Do this each month and build your posting strategy around your community and not someone else’s.


Does your business have all of it’s online content and social networks functioning together as a team?  Use your social channels to drive people to your website or blog.  Include social media links in your e-newsletter, email signature, and in all your offline promotional and marketing materials.  Repurpose content across all social networks and online locations.  Teamwork trumps disjointed, unconnected online content every time.

More Mobile

Adding more mobile social media strategies to your business’s plans is a sure-fire way to boost your social marketing return on investment.  Facebook’s latest mobile update for business pages puts a number of features – check-ins, ratings and reviews, maps, etc. – front and center.  Incorporate these tools by creating check-in deals and encouraging fans to review and rate your business with contests and promotions.

Show and Tell

Are photos the perfect fit for your online business strategy?  If so, you most likely use Pinterest to grow your brand online.  You’ll also want to add Instagram to your social network portfolio.  This is the fastest-growing social network over the last quarter and we’ve got some great Instagram tips to get you started.

Switch Sides

Take a few moments each month to look at your Facebook for business page, Twitter account, LinkedIn company page and other social networks through the eyes of your social community.  Switching sides gives you new insight and helps you take notice of your shortcomings and your winning ways.  Your social media marketing is about your fans and followers and we often lose sight of this when we never look at things from their point of view.

We know that we haven’t covered every tip available.  If you have one you would like to share, please take the time to post in the comments below.


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