Are Your LinkedIn Company Page Status Updates Up to Snuff?

Does your LinkedIn company page resemble a ghost town when it comes to engagement?  Do you often feel like your business just isn’t getting a good return on investment when it comes to posting on this social network?  Well, don’t think about dumping LinkedIn from your social media strategy just yet.  We’re going share a few straightforward tips to get your LinkedIn company page status updates up to snuff.

Clocking In

While LinkedIn may be adding two new users every second, the social network’s users are not checking company status updates every second.  Unlike your Facebook for business page where your posting frequency should probably be high, LinkedIn company updates should be less frequent.  Try posting once or twice a day at times that professionals would not be in meetings, conferences or tied up at work (think early morning, lunch or end of workday).

Group Mentality

Are you an active member in any LinkedIn Groups?  To extend the reach of your status updates which should also deliver more user engagement with those posts, share your company status updates with groups also.  If you are going to do this and not seem to be self-promoting, make sure you are a group member who has actively helped others and answered others questions.

Ask for the Sale

If you are in sales, you know all about asking for the sale.  Well, guess what?  If you want your LinkedIn company page followers to engage with your comment, sometimes you just have to ask.  Seriously, just ask people to comment, like or share your posts with their social media networks.


Looking for good content without creating content?  Pay attention to what’s happening in the news – particularly in your industry.  By sharing valuable, newsworthy content with your followers, you’ll gain their trust.  When you gain their trust, you’re more likely to gain a social network community that is willing to introduce you to their networks by engaging with your status updates.

Target Practice

Were you aware that you could target LinkedIn status updates?  In our cluttered social marketing lives, it is nice to not have our social networks clogged up with information that has nothing to do with us.  LinkedIn understood this and gives you the opportunity to target your company posts based on criteria like occupation, company size, job function, etc.  Use this feature. Your followers will appreciate it.

Does your LInkedIn company page receive massive engagement from its followers?  Our readers would love it if you would tell us how in the comments below.


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