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Your wait for our social media marketing news you can use is over! Here’s the latest social network updates and social marketing tools to help you grow your business.  So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to improve your brand’s social media for business by leaps and bounds.

Facebook Algorithm Resolution

What’s your Facebook for business resolution for 2015?  We recommend you resolve to slow down the sales pitches and pull back on the overly-promotional Facebook Posts.  Remember, the social network’s algorithm update in January 2015 will punish your business if you don’t share valuable content and use gimmicky, misleading headlines for the sole purpose of gaining clicks.

LinkedIn and Slideshare Simplified

Seeking a simple way to extend your professional brand?  Well, if you use LinkedIn for business (And you do, don’t you?), then you can now extend your professional brand to Slideshare with one click.  When you now upload a presentation, video or infographic to your LinkedIn professional profile, you can – with one click – create and post that rich media to Slideshare as well.

Embed Your Viral Vines

Are you using Vine videos as part of your overall social media marketing strategy?  If your business uses WordPress for its blogging for business platform, then you’ll be excited to know that you can now embed those Vine videos in your blog posts quickly and easily.  Search for the Vine embed plugin, install it and start sharing your viral video content directly on your blog.


Australia Welcomes Path Talk

Quick customer response times and offering multiple ways for your customers to reach out to your business are essential if you want a successful business in today’s customer-centric climate.  In a recent blog post, Path Talk announced had arrived in Australia.  Now’s the time to get acquainted with Path and make sure your business offers this option to its prospects and customers.

*edited January 2019 – Path is now officially dead and you can find some alternates here:

Get Your Facebook Groups App

Does your business have a Facebook group that it manages?  As you might already know, a group on Facebook offers a multitude of real world business advantages – from customer service to customer feedback forums.  Now, your social media manager can manage your social network community on the go with the newly introduced Facebook Groups App.

Hooray for Instagram Caption Editing

How many times have you taken the perfect photo, written a creative caption and uploaded it to your Instagram for business account only to later notice a spelling mistake or that you left our important marketing information?  Well, there is great news out of the Instagram camp!  There is now a new “Edit” option in the menu under your photo which allows you to correct your Instagram captions without having to delete your upload and start over again.

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