Accelerate Your Social Marketing Expertise with Our Latest Social Media News Update

Accelerate Your Social Marketing Expertise with Our Latest Social Media News Update

How do you build an Instagram website?  Is it possible to use Facebook ads to advertise multiple products and services without creating multiple Facebook ad units?  Keep reading our latest social media news blog post to learn the answers to those questions and to discover more social marketing updates your business can use to gain more fans, followers and customers.

No Invitation Necessary

Does your Facebook for business strategy include using the social network’s Events feature?  You may have heard that Facebook Events were undergoing a facelift, but did you know there was also a new “Events for You” section being tested on some of its users.  If it passes muster, this feature will recommend public events based on the actions (pages you liked, groups you joined, etc.) you have taken while using the social network.

No News Here

Looking for a little Instagram for business inspiration?  This social marketing news really isn’t news at all.  Ikea’s creative Instagram strategy is, instead, a new way to use the photo-sharing social network to showcase your brand and engage your fans.

Exit Strategy

Will Orkut – one of the first social networks – resurrect itself as MySpace did many years after its decline?  Well, as this article points out, unless you live in India or Brazil, you may not really care.  And if you had no idea Orkut even existed or that Google was shutting it down, then this bit of social media news really is news to you.

In the Loop

Has your business been hoping for a way to quickly determine the popularity of its Vine videos?  The Vine video app – both iOS and Android – now shows Loop counts in real time.  This new analytic data update allows you to quickly see how many people have looped your videos on the app and on websites where they are embedded.

Three for One

Here is some cool news for those of you using Facebook ads as part of your social media for business strategy.  Brands can now showcase not one, not two, but three products within a single ad unit.  And in other good news, this new paid social advertising feature works not only on desktop ads, but also on Facebook mobile ad units.

Instant Gratification

Does your business use its social networks to address customer complaints and questions?  We recently ran across a new chat tool which, unlike traditional chat and messaging apps, does not require users to know each other.  Give Twoople a look as it gives you an opportunity to to take your customer service one step beyond social media and address customer support issues in real time.

Heard any social media news we left out?  Share your social marketing news in our comments below.

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