7 Ways to get more people to “Like” your facebook page

Building your social database and expanding your communication reach is an important part of your social media strategy.  Of course you can buy likes, real or just numbers it all depends on how much you are prepared to spend and how you entice them to join you. Behind all of the tips coming up is the major underlying factor, your content has to be interesting enough for people to like. There is so much noise around at the moment, be respectful of your readers and share things only if it is interesting, has a purpose and will add value to them.  Your content strategy will be the Number one most important reason your page will succeed or fail. We are also assuming you have a good looking page, even in social media people tend to lean towards pages that are well designed and professional.  It’s facebook, have fun and be you.  Here’s a few social media strategies to help you increase the number of people who like you.

1. Ask them

Ask your friends, family and network to like your page.  You can do this by using the invite friends button in the admin section of your page or by sending a personal message letting people know why you would like them to “like” you.  I find sending a personal message works more effectively because the request is not as easily missed.

2. Utilise Social Media buttons

Add social media buttons to your business email signatures, newsletter, website and other social pages ensuring they link back to your page.  It’s not uncommon now for people to also include this information on their business cards.

 3. Optimise your links

Check that the link on your personal profile that says where you work links to the correct page you have just set up.

4. Tell your colleagues

Send out a business wide communication and let people know the business now has a page, it’s always interesting to see how may people set up a page and then forget to tell the people in the business you have a page.  Be sure to send them the url link so it is simple for them to click through right then and there.  Make it as easy as possible for people to like your page.  Not telling them can also result in a clean up down the track when multiple people set up pages under different log ins.

 5. “Like” pages who would share similar interests and build your network

Think of it like making friends with the businesses around you.  If you support their engagement growth through liking, commenting and sharing posts, they may return the favour and support you in return.  It will really depend if they really understand engagement and also if your content is interesting enough to share.

6. Run a Facebook Ad

Facebook Advertising allows you to get in front of a really targeted Audience.  Ideally you run a couple of Ad’s to split test which one gets you the best result for your business.  There are loads of great blogs around how to write great ad’s.   Before you go throwing money at a wall, really think about who you are looking to target and the results you would like to achieve.

7. Say Thank you.

Appreciate your fans and say Thank-you, let them know when you are excited about reaching a certain following.  Encourage them with posts like “Almost at 2000 fans – can you help us out and invite your friends?” Plus a lucky last one… Consider things that will make your existing fans share your page or have the word spread, giveaways, competitions and free stuff always work well, just watch out for the Rules so you do not risk a page shut down from an unintentional breach.  A good way to think about it can be simply to ask yourself if you would appreciate the content or offer.  Would you “Like” you?

Tell us…

What other things do you do to increase the “likes” on your page?


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