7 Things Brands Should Do To Crush Their Next Trade Show

Trade shows can be wonderful ways for businesses to get their name out there, make some contacts in the industry, and gain some new clients – or at least potential clients. You might meet people who will remember you and work with you years in the future, when they know they need your service/product. You might even get some great success from the event right away.

Want to make sure you crush your next trade show? Here are 7 things brands should do:

  1. Set Goals And Objectives

First of all: you shouldn’t go to a trade show without goals and objectives. You have many advantages at a trade show – think about it. People are there actively looking for what you offer! This means that you’ll be surrounded by customers and potential customers. Making sure you set goals and objectives will help you to stay focused and determine whether the event was a success or not.

  1. Make Your Stand Look Awesome

Having an awesome looking stand might seem superficial, but it’s going to say a lot about your brand and help you to draw people in. Using things like banner stands and even TV screens and interactive items can help to bring people over to you. Look at it like you’re a potential customer with a critical eye once you’ve put it together.

  1. Practice Your Networking Skills

Before heading off to the event, practice your networking skills. Not only will you be able to attract some potential clients, you’ll likely also meet some great people in the industry who can be of use to you. Practicing before you go is great for those who feel uncomfortable doing this.

  1. Have Marketing Materials To Hand Out

Make sure you have things like brochures and cards to hand out so that people can keep them and contact you later if they so desire. It doesn’t hurt to have something else on hand too – perhaps a small pack of sweets or even some cupcakes for people to take away. They look great on your stand and will draw people in for sure.

  1. Sign Up To Talk At The Event Or Do A Presentation

If you’re brave enough and you have a bit of a story to tell, why not talk at the event or do a presentation? Not only do you get to share your experiences and expertise, you will attract more people to your business if you give a great talk. People will learn from your wisdom.

  1. Have Ways Of Tracking Success

If you don’t have ways of tracking your success, how can you be absolutely sure that the event wasn’t a waste of time?

  1. Follow Up

Finally; you probably spoke to a lot of people over the course of the trade show, so have a way to follow up so that they don’t go cold. You can’t always just wait for them to come to you. You have to be prepared to reach out to them again!


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