6 Tips to Take Your Twitter for Business Reach to New Heights

Want to see your Twitter for business follower numbers grow by leaps and bounds?  Are you looking for a few tips to ensure your Twitter content reaches a wider audience on the social network.  With all the talk lately about the diminishing Facebook for business reach numbers, we decided to shift gears and share tips to help your business take its Twitter reach to new heights.

Back to Basics

Has time devoted to Twitter gotten lost in your social media for business strategy lately?  Maybe it is time to go back to basics and start growing those Twitter followers.  Make it a point to tweet regularly, retweet quality content and join the conversation by welcoming new followers and thanking those who share your tweets.

Limited Visibility

Are you using the @username reply to interact and mention others in your tweets?  If you start your tweet with @username, then you limit who sees that Twitter content to you, the user you mention and the mutual followers of the two Twitter accounts.  To extend the reach of your tweet, add a word or two (i.e. Thanks @username ..) prior to the mention, and your tweet reaches all followers of both Twitter for business accounts.

Worthy of Repeating

Does your business create Twitter tweets that are worthy of being retweeted?  Understanding how to get more Twitter retweets is key to growing your followers and reach.  We could write an entire blog post on this tip, but we found an excellent source with five Twitter retweet tips for you instead.

Timing is Everything

Have you taken the time to discover when your Twitter for business followers are most active on the social network?  Social marketing tools like Buffer and Hootsuite offer features which will schedule your posts when your followers are most likely to see your content.  There are other tools such as Followerwonk and Tweriod which provide useful Twitter analytics and insight into the best time to tweet on Twitter for your business.

Give it Away

Do you use contests on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks?  Your business can also create a Twitter contest to boost your visibility and grow your followers.  Have your entrants answer a question, tag your business and use a contest-specific hashtag in order to enter your contest.

Don’t Fly Solo

Are you a business owner who understands the power of networking?  Apply the same offline networking principles to your social media marketing.  Interact and network in online communities, share content and pass along your Twitter username when you swap contact information to help expand your reach on Twitter.

Please share your tips for growing your Twitter followers and expanding your social media visibility in our comments below.




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