6 Social Media Marketing Strategies You Should Implement Now

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Need new social media marketing strategies for your business’s social networks?  Below, you’ll find six strategies you should start using right now to increase your social marketing ROI and see real business results.  So, if you are ready to turbocharge your social media, let’s get you started.

Forgo Facebook Photo Posts

Do you still rely on Facebook photo posts as your primary source to reach fans?  Well, its time to switch your Facebook strategy from photos to sharing video posts.  According to new social media data, photo posts drive the lowest organic reach while Facebook video posts are being seen twice as often.

Twitter Quick Promote

Looking for a new tool to increase your Twitter for business success?  Your business may have thought about using Twitter promoted posts before, but found the process a bit tedious or confusing.  Now, you can use a new “Quick Promote” feature (a simple, few clicks) directly from your Twitter activity dashboard to amplify the reach of top-performing tweets.

B2B Slideshare Leads

B2B businesses often feel left out when it comes to social marketing strategy ideas and information.  We’re going to remedy that by offering our B2B readers a social marketing step that is a must-add to your social media strategy.  Start using Slideshare for lead generation (follow the links for tips) and don’t forget to pair your presentations with your LinkedIn for business strategy.

Bring Back Vine Videos

Have you forgotten about Vine?  With the increased organic reach of Facebook videos that we mentioned above, now might be the time to reintroduce yourself to Vine’s six-second looping videos.  Come up with a fun, creative way to create “how-to” videos which relate to your products/services and you’ll not only provide value, but also see your Vine videos receive more shares by your social media fans.

LinkedIn Delivers Leads

Want a strategy which is backed by the numbers proving it will increase your lead generation using social media?  Start focusing your energy on using LinkedIn more often as HubSpot shared data showing the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate comes from LinkedIn putting it in first place with Facebook and Twitter following.  If you need some help refocusing on the social network for professionals, visit our LinkedIn for business blog posts.

Pinterest Buy Button

Did you read the news about Pinterest removing affiliate links from the photo-pinning social network.  Most social marketers see this as a precursor to Pinterest introducing a “Buy” button for its users.  For our final social media strategy tip, we suggest you begin to brainstorm creative ways your company can make use of this soon to be released Pinterest for business “Buy” feature.

Please share your thoughts and social marketing strategy successes in our comments below.

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