6 Social Marketing Strategies Proven to Deliver Real Business Results

Six Social Media Marketing Updates to Help Improve Your Bottom Line 

How do you drive real business results with social media marketing?  You need to go beyond the basics.  Here are six social marketing strategies which will step up your social media game and deliver a real return on investment for your business.

Email and Facebook are a Winning Pair

Did you know pairing your Facebook for business ads with your email marketing campaign will deliver much more effective results?  Well, now you do.  A recent study shared on AllFacebook showed, “…that subscribers who received both (email and Facebook News Feed Ads) were 22 percent more likely to make purchases than those who only received emails.”

Measure these Customer Service Metrics

Are you one of the smart business owners using social networks like Twitter to enhance your customer service process?  Social media and customer service can be a powerful partnership for a business looking to improve customer satisfaction, but you need to know what metrics you should be measuring and focusing on in order to be successful.  This blog post from NextWeb.com shares, “…14 metrics you should be tracking to give a full picture of the quality of our customer service.”

Digging for Data in Twitter Analytics

Reviewing and using the social marketing metrics found in your social network analytics data will improve your social ROI by leaps and bounds.  While many businesses focus on Facebook Insights data, those same businesses often forget to look at data from other social networks like LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.  We’ll help you take a step in the right direction and share this post which shows you how to use Twitter Analytics to find important data for your brand.

Increase Sales with Social Network Logins

Looking for a simple social media for business strategy to improve sales conversions and reduce abandoned shopping carts on your online store?  Make your sign-up process and checkout process as simple as possible.  An easy way to do this is to use social login and social checkout options in your ecommerce website.

Standing by Slideshare for B2Bs

B2B brands still lag behind many of B2C brands when it comes to using social media marketing to effectively drive real business results.  Our tip for B2B companies is to start focusing on creating visually-pleasing and informative Slideshare presentations with links to your websites and email forms to capture leads.  This LinkedIn for business tool is highly-effective for driving traffic and it’s easily-consumable content is highly-popular with mobile crowd.

Get Going with Google Analytics

Google+ for business strategies aren’t top of mind for most businesses.  Google Analytics, on the other hand, should be at the top of every business’s (B2B or B2C) social marketing plans.  Ensure you are using Google Analytics to its fullest to set goals and track conversions so you can understand which social networks deliver sales to your bottom line.

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