6 reasons to outsource your Facebook business page

Why did you get into your business?

We know why. You’re skilled at what you do.  You’re passionate about what you do.

Does this mean you should be doing everything yourself?

Absolutely not.  We all know the key to a successful business is doing what you do well and delegating the rest to people who achieve better results more efficiently.  It’s a false – albeit tempting – economy to avoid spending money by doing it all yourself.

Social media for your business is no different.

Here are our top six reasons why you should outsource your Facebook management and get back to doing what you do best.

1.      You do not need to think about what to post each day.  How many times have you sat in front of a blinking curser crafting and recrafting that one perfect post?  Worse still, how often have you sat there and wondered what to talk about?

2.      It’s a marathon, not a sprint.  Sure, that brand spanking new page is exciting for a few days or weeks.  Its shininess fades and, slowly but surely, your page is neglected.  Your fans are left to wonder and your brand is left an open target.

3.      Facebook is always changing.  Doing it right to maximise your engagement and have your page look its best requires hours of reading, researching and testing each week.  Believe us, we know!

4.      ‘Post and pray’ can get good results, but it’s not a social strategy.  Even if you already have a loyal fan base, like Coca Cola or the US natural and organic grocery Whole Foods, you want to make sure that your content engages your fans.

5.      Facebook is the new black hole.  A ‘quick check of Facebook’ by you or one of your team members can finish three hours later.

6.      Facebook is not just about words on a page.  Those words – however luscious and engaging – need to look good and that means engaging the services of a graphic designer.

Of course, if you do outsource, choose carefully.  Ensure that the person managing your page has taken the time to listen to you, understand your brand, put risk management measures in place, and develop a content strategy tailored to your social media goals.  Retain administrator rights to your page and provide regular feedback to your page manager.

It all sounds tempting, right?  How would you spend the time you got back if you outsourced your Facebook business page?


2 thoughts on “6 reasons to outsource your Facebook business page

  1. Rick Brindisi says:

    Our business sells a unique kitchen appliance and we have a Pinterest Board. I have been making pins daily, but lately they don’t show up in a category for about 2 weeks? Would you consider helping us with our Pinterest managment? What is your fee?

    We post under the name: SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer



    Rick Brindisi
    President, SmartShopper Electronics, LLC

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