6 New Social Media Marketing News Items to Help Your Business Stay Informed

What’s new in the world of social media marketing?  Here’s six of the latest social marketing news items we found interesting.  Let us know what new tools, functions, social media apps or social networks you’ve heard about recently.

Free to Use

Does your brand use photos in your social media posts?  If you aren’t using your own photos or sharing photos from a paid photo subscription source, then you must always be wary of not infringing on a business’s or individual’s image rights.  Luckily, Google just released the ability to search Google images by usage rights and you’ll find that function in search filters.

Making Contact

While we’re talking about Google, users of Google+ now have a new way to reach out to their connections on the social network.  If users have a Google+ account and use GMail, then they can now send emails to a Google+ connection (If that connection use GMail) even when they don’t have that connection’s email address.  Do you like this new feature or do you feel like it will open up GMail inboxes to unwanted email and SPAM?

Major Overhaul

Faster playback, in-player purchasing, closed captions and subtitles support, HTML5 by default, and much more: These are just a few of the improvements to Vimeo.  If your brand is using video to reach its social media marketing community, then you’re going to want to give Vimeo a long, hard look.  YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and Instagram: we would love to know which of these social media video options does your business prefer and why.  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Dig Deeper

Does your brand value social media analytics?  Are you using social marketing tools to schedule and automate social network content like your Twitter tweets, LinkedIn Company Page updates and Facebook for business posts?  If so, then you will certainly be interested in this blog post introducing new Buffer analytics tools and integration.

Next Big Thing

What does your business’s target market look like?  If your brand’s audience is comprised of the 24 and under crowd, then you should start taking a long look at including the image-based social network We Heart It in its social media strategy.  This social channel is popular with mobile-savvy teens and is growing rapidly with about 25 million active users at this time.

On the Horizon

Have you been using the Facebook Pages Manager mobile app to manage your Facebook for business page(s)?  You may soon be able to delete this social media app from your smartphone.  Facebook may be migrating the app’s functionality to their main Facebook mobile app in the near future as some users are reporting that they can now create and manage pages from that app.

Have you heard any social media marketing news that we’ve missed?  Please share yours in the comments below.







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