6 Facebook Changes Your Business Must Understand and Use Right Now

6 Facebook Changes Your Business Must Understand and Use Right Now

Your Facebook for business strategy should always be evolving.  One reason for this is that the social network is always evolving.  In case you haven’t been paying attention to all the Facebook updates and using those changes to benefit your social media marketing, we will pass along some important information in this Facebook blog post.

Advertise Your Facebook Events

Do you host events at your business or at other locations?  If so, you probably already use (and you should if you don’t) Facebook events.  Businesses can now create News Feed ads for events for both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Keyword Search in Facebook Posts

An important bit of news for all Facebook for business users is that the social network will soon let its users search for content in posts with keywords.  Why is this so important to know?  Well, now is the time to start putting together a seo strategy for your Facebook content so you will be ready to take advantage of this feature when it rolls out to everyone.

Facebook Like-Gating Gets Thumbs Down

Does your business use a third-party contest app which requires Facebook users to Like your Facebook Page before entering your contest?  This practice – called “Like-gating” – is no longer allowed by the social network.  But don’t worry, there are still plenty of creative and useful ways to get a good ROI from your Facebook contests.

Call-To-Action Buttons for Organic Posts

Do you use call-to-action buttons in your Facebook ads?  You may soon have the option to use this function with your organic posts as well.  There were rumors of Facebook testing – and some users seeing – call-to-action button options (E.g., Learn More) for video uploads.

Facebook Targets Click-Baiting

With this latest news out of Facebook, brands and businesses must start paying more attention to how they post content with links on the social network.  According AllFacebook.com, Facebook will be, “…taking aim at click-baiting headlines in posts from pages and emphasizing links that are shared via the social network’s link format over those shared in photo captions and status updates.”  Make sure to read the AllFacebook.com article to ensure you understand exactly how your business should start sharing links on Facebook.

New Facebook Ad Targeting Option

Are Facebook ads a part of your social media for business strategy?  The social network recently announced that advertisers could now target ads based on network connections (2G, 3G or 4G).  This new option will ensure Facebook users will see ads that are optimised for their mobile devices and will keep advertisers from wasting money.

Please share any Facebook news or new Facebook features we missed in our comments below.

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