6 Facebook Ad Strategies that Deliver Real Business Results

6 Facebook Ad Strategies that Deliver Real Business Results

Real business results from social media marketing can be achieved by implementing proven social marketing strategies.  In our latest blog post, we share Facebook advertising strategies you can implement today to start seeing a real return on investment.  Better yet, these social network advertising strategies will increase your sales and profits fast while also delivering repeat customers.

Facebook Ad Retargeting for Customer Retention

Would you like a simple tip to help your business increase its customer retention?  Use Facebook ad retargeting to serve up a thank you post along with a small incentive (15% off next purchase) to someone who just made a purchase or signed up to your email list.  Simply put a Facebook retargeting pixel on your checkout/sign up page and then serve a newsfeed ad to customers who completed the checkout/sign up process.

Target Customers Close By with Facebook Local Awareness Ads

How great would it be to target social media ads to social network users who have actually been in your physical business location or who live or work within walking distance?  Facebook Local Awareness ads are the tool for you.  An effective strategy for restaurants would be to start serving ads to mobile devices users with lunch offers who are within a certain distance while using power editor to specify ad delivery times just before lunch break.

Improve Webinar Attendance with Facebook Ads

More people attending your webinars, Google+ Hangouts or offline business events will translate into more leads and more sales.  This social media strategy will help you improve attendance at your offline and online events.  Use a Facebook remarketing pixel on your signup page and set up a sequence (immediately after sign up, one week out and one day prior) as event reminders which will be delivered as Facebook newsfeed ads.

Social Media Storytelling with Facebook Ads

Would your business be happy if we shared a social media for business ad strategy which delivered an 87% increase in landing page visits and a 56% increase in email list signups?  Talk about seeing real business results with social marketing and Facebook!  Follow the link to learn how to implement this Facebook sequenced ad strategy and amplify your social advertising ROI by leaps and bounds.

Increase Sales with Two Proven Ad Strategies

Want a couple more Facebook advertising retargeting strategies that are proven to deliver results?  Create a cross-selling ad campaign by placing a retargeting pixel on the sales confirmation page which delivers suggested related products (E.g., Customer buys new HDTV. You recommend a good HDMI cable.) in follow-up ads.  Next, put together a Facebook ad campaign retargeting individuals who abandoned the shopping cart or who didn’t complete the signup process for your email list.

We hope you find these social media marketing strategies useful and effective at delivering real results for your business.  Please share your thoughts in our comments below.

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