5 Tips for Your 2015 Facebook Mobile Marketing Strategy

Facebook Mobile Marketing

Do you have a Facebook mobile marketing strategy for 2015?  If your business is not using mobile social media marketing to connect with customers and drive sales, then you are quickly losing ground to your competitors.  The following five tips for Facebook mobile marketing will get you on the right path.

Facebook Mobile User Growth

How many of your business’s social network Facebook fans are using smartphones and tablets to connect and engage with your brand?  We can’t give you an exact number, but we’re willing to bet that the majority of them use mobile devices to use Facebook.  In fact, eMarketer research shows, “1 billion Facebook users, or more than 70 percent of the social network’s total, will access Facebook via mobile phones at least once per month in 2015.”

Facebook Offers Sales Tool

Would your business benefit from a tool which provided an incentive to its mobile social network fans, spread that incentive virally to people outside of your fan network and then actually brought sales to your offline business?  We’re willing to bet that you answered “Yes!” to that question.  That social marketing tool is called Facebook Offers and it is the perfect solution for driving real business results from your Facebook mobile marketing strategy.

Ensure 3rd-Party App Capability

Are you running Facebook contests and promotions using third-party apps?  Apps are great for driving engagement, creating contests (which often lead to sales) and even capturing contact information for further online and offline marketing and sales efforts.  When preparing your mobile social media strategy for 2015, check to make sure these third-party apps for Facebook are mobile-friendly and if not, find ones which do have mobile capabilities.

Facebook Install Ads

Is your business developing a mobile app in 2015?  Whether you have an app now or are planning to have one soon, that mobile application will not drive your desired business outcomes if prospects and customers don’t download and install it on their mobile device.  Start using Facebook mobile install ads to encourage your target audience to begin downloading, installing and using your business’s mobile apps.

Marketing to Fans Nearby

Does your business use the “Local Business or Place” Facebook category because you have a physical location?  That’s smart move number one.  Now, start creating social marketing strategies to encourage check-ins, ratings and reviews from your customers which will allow your business to take advantage of Facebook Nearby (the social network’s location-based, mobile search tool).

Facebook Mobile Photo Tool

Are you using photos in your business’s mobile Facebook News Feed to their full advantage?  The next time you take and share photos with your fans, take one more step.  Make sure to use the location-tagging option (Where was this taken? button) and add your business’s address to your Facebook photos when posting.

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