5 Social Media Tips to Help You Jumpstart a Floundering Social Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to stop floundering on your social networks?  Our new social media tips will give you the edge you need to crush your competition and grow your social marketing presence.  If you are ready, then here are 5 social media for business strategies to get your brand heading in the right direction.

Point and Click

Are you doing all you can to get more clicks to your website from your social networks?  Well, we’re going to share one of the best traffic-driving strategies that most brands are not including in their Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, or even their photos on Instagram and Pinterest.  Always include a call to action asking your fans and followers to click over to your website or blog – and yes, it really is that simple of a strategy.

Insightful Advice

Stop focusing your social media for business strategy solely on likes, shares, comments, mentions and retweets.  Instead, use your Facebook and Twitter for business networks to gain marketing insights which are much more valuable to your brand.  Make it a point each month to ask your fans and followers questions which can better help you understand how to deliver value and drive sales.

Small Bites

Have you noticed how short of an attention span your online visitors and social media fans and followers have these days.  The best content strategy your brand can employ to combat these…wait, what were talking about?  Sorry, our attention span was already on the the next tip, but you can find all you need on creating micro-content to grab the attention of your visitors and social network community in this article from visual.ly.

Follow the Crowd

Want a Facebook for business tip for you posting strategy?  Here you go: Don’t swim against the current!  In other words, make the majority of your Facebook post photos because  according to a study from Socialbakers, “photos make up 75% of brand Facebook posts” and there must be a good reason for that.

Follow the Rules

When was the last time you read Pinterest’s Acceptable Use Policy?  If Pinterest for business is a big part of your social marketing strategy, then you need to make sure your brand isn’t violating any of the photo-pinning social network’s rules which were updated at the end of January.  Make sure to read this Pinterest marketing article which touches on three major topics your brand needs to pay attention to right now.

What are you doing to stay ahead of your competition and provide value to your social network community?  Share your social media success and tips in the comments below.





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