5 Proven Social Media Strategies to Increase Conversions and Sales

5 Proven Social Media Strategies to Increase Conversions and Sales

Increasing conversions with social media should be the focus of your business’s social marketing strategy.  How do you improve conversion rates with social media marketing?  We’re going to provide 5 proven social strategies to increase conversions in our latest blog post.

Boosts Email Sign-Ups with Social Ad Strategy

Do you drive prospects to a landing page with social media ads on Facebook in order to get those prospects to join your email marketing list?  If so, we have a social network ad strategy you need to implement.  Check out this Facebook sequenced ad strategy which has been proven to deliver up to a 56% increase in email marketing subscription rates.

Start Social Logins / Lose the Long Forms

Are you running an ecommerce store, offer goods or services which require an online sign-in, or does your local business do any selling or appointment booking online?  Your business will see an increase in conversion rates when it uses a social login process versus a filling out a long, tedious form.  The signup process with a social login is often as easy as clicking one button and this is extremely appealing ot your prospects and customers using a mobile device to make a purchase.

Buy Button from Twitter

Want a glimpse into the future of how your business will be able to improve conversion rates with its social media marketing?  Read this announcement from Twitter discussing a new “Buy” button which will let Twitter users make purchases directly from a tweet served up by a business.  This simple, social ecommerce experience is perfect for mobile shoppers and will eliminate customers who abandon the purchase and shopping carts due to traditional complicated, multi-step purchasing processes.

Simplify Checkout with Social Options

Speaking of abandoning shopping carts, businesses that use social login as part of their social media for business strategy will also lower the rate of shopping cart abandonment.  A social checkout option eliminates form fatigue and avoids offering the customer multiple opportunities to end the checkout process.  And once again, with more and more customers using mobile devices and mobile apps to buy your goods and services, you must simplify the shopping experience to increase conversions rates.

Always Around with Retargeting

How can your business stay top of mind with its customers in order to improve sales conversion rates using social networks?  We have one word for you and that word is retargeting.  Both Facebook and Twitter offer retargeting pixels which allow you to set up social media advertising strategies that keep your business in front of prospects and customers who have visited your website, abandoned a shopping cart, viewed specific products, skipped the email marketing sign-up form and much more.

Have you used social marketing strategies successfully to increase conversion rates?  Please share your successes in our comment section.

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