5 Essential Blog Marketing Tips for 2015 Designed to Deliver Real Results for Your Business

5 Essential Blog Marketing Tips for 2015 Designed to Deliver Real Results for Your Business

Are you ready to take your business’s blog marketing to the next level?  Your brand’s blog should be the hub of your content marketing wheel and integrate effectively with your email marketing and social media marketing.  Here are 5 essential blog marketing tips for 2015 that are guaranteed to deliver real business results.

Updated Editorial Policy

When was the last time you paused, reviewed and analysed the results of your blogging for business strategy?  The end of the year is the perfect time to do just that.  Before launching your content marketing and social media marketing campaigns in 2015, give your blog marketing strategy by reviewing and updating your editorial policy to ensure you will see better business results in the new year.

Blog Marketing Toolbox

Are you using the right blogging tools to help you create and share blog posts more efficiently and effectively?  Smart business owners understand the value of time.  Our next tip is to take the time now to research blogging tools in order to save time, money and improve your blog marketing business results in the long run.

Trending Blog Post Topics

You probably have a good grasp on your target audience, but do you know what they are talking about right now?  If you want to create value with your blog posts (and you do), then make sure your business shares content that is at the “top of mind” with that target audience.  Use social listening tools or go straight to the source and monitor conversations on Twitter and Facebook (Don’t forget to check out your competitor’s social network channels.) to find hot topics and content ideas for your blog posts.

Crafting Blog Content

Do your blog posts have what it takes to grab the attention of your readers, seduce the search engines and deliver real business outcomes?  Your 2015 blog marketing strategy must include taking a long, hard look at your actual blog posts – the headlines, sentence style, subheads, storytelling, etc.  Follow this blog post blueprint infographic and your blogging for business results will improve by leaps and bounds.

Content Sharing Strategy

Are you offering your readers every opportunity to share your blog content with their social network communities and via email with their contacts?  Putting email and social marketing share buttons along the borders (top, bottom, sides) of your blog posts don’t cut it anymore.  Our next blog marketing tip for 2015 is to use an email and social network sharing plugin which allows you to pull out an important concept from your post and then present that content with sharing options within the body your actual blog post content.

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