5 Easy Ways to Tell if Your Business Will Reap Sufficient Rewards When You Outsource Your Social Media.

Unless you’re in the business of giving money away (let us know if you are), then your biggest concern is whether or not a business decision is cost-effective and/or profitable.  

Since Social Media Marketing is a subject that just about every business (large and small) is pondering, one of the first considerations will be whether or not you should take the time to approach this on your own or if you should outsource this responsibility.


Here are some things to consider when making your evaluation.

  • Learning about social media marketing is a good thing to do.  However, you need to aware of the ‘hidden costs’ behind your endeavour to completely understand all the necessary aspects of social media marketing.  Probably the most significant cost relates to the time spent on a campaign that is plagued with a number of errors.  For newbies, this is inevitable and can prove to be rather expensive when you consider the time and effort it will take to learn about and correct your ‘mistakes’.
    • You will also need to consider the possibility of having to temporarily suspend your social media marketing activities every now and again.  Usually, this will happen when working on your campaign will encroach upon your main business activities.  An “all hands on deck” scenario will halt the required daily social media observations and input.  When this happens, your campaign will most likely need to start all over again.
    • Do you actually have staff members who can function at the same level of a social media marketing professional(s)?  Even if that is the case, will they become disgruntled by having to take on a different responsibility that they may not have signed up for in the first place?
    • If you’ve ever hired an IT consultant, remember that hiring a consultant is not the same as social media outsourcing.  When you outsource your social media marketing, that company will communicate your brand’s message with the same level of passion that you would, when relaying your company’s mission.
    • When it comes to justifying and recouping your social media marketing expenses, you’ll want to take into account; the increased business that you’ll acquire, the time and resources saved by not using performing these tasks in-house and, above all, avoiding the cost of errors that can occur by not handling a social media marketing campaign correctly.  Then you can make your best decision!
Let us know, What are your primary considerations when choosing someone to support your business?



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