3 ways to make your business look good on Pinterest

In our ‘three of the best’ series, we address the big social media issues facing businesses like yours.  We share three articles on the week’s topic and pick out our favourite tip or insight from each article.

We recently shared three reasons why businesses like yours love Pinterest.  But what do you need to do to make your business look good on Pinterest?


1.    Connect to a lifestyle

Show how your brand and products fit into the lifestyle that your followers have or want.

We love this article on Pinterest for small business from Lauren Rae Orsini over at The Daily Dot.  ‘Draw attention to your business without being overbearing,” she suggests.

Our favourite tip is to depict a lifestyle, like yoghurt brand Chobani building a board of delicious recipes using yoghurt.  It’s simple but effective.


2.  Connect to a purpose

Show that your brand understands how it fits into the big picture for your followers.  Think about why they seek you out and what their common interests are.

Jeff Bullas offers clever advice to pin products and services that complement your own.  That’s one reason why we particularly liked his helpful article on ways to use Pinterest to promote your business.  “For example, if you create custom wedding gowns,” he says, “you can link to other bridal accessories or to beautiful wholesale fabrics.”


3.  Add personality

Show that there is more depth to your brand than a pretty picture.

Yes, Pinterest is a visual medium, but words are not redundant.  Board titles and pin captions are compulsory and surprisingly sticky.  Every user who repins your pin must choose to delete your caption or it remains by default.  Make your words count.

Sarah Needleman’s recent article in the Wall Street Journal’s Running a Business section has some good tips for tapping Pinterest’s surging popularity.  “Write breezy captions,” she counsels.  “Use this space to give users updates on what’s new with your business, as well as to describe product.”

But keep it light, upbeat, casual.  Share rather than sell.

And of course, if you are posting your own product, pin it directly from your website to drive traffic back where you want it.


Do tell…

What’s your favourite tip for making your business look good on Pinterest?


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