3 reasons your Facebook ads get few clicks

Facebook advertising clicks

It’s finally evening.  A long day at work is behind you.  You’ve made it to the couch.  Time to catch your favourite program on the box.

Bliss… but then boom: commercials.

Maybe you tune in to one or two ads that interest you.  Maybe you take the ads as your cue to sneak out to grab last night’s half eaten block of chocolate. Or maybe you recorded your favourite program and simply whizz right through them.

What makes Facebook advertising different?

We’ve talked before about three upsides that differentiate advertising on Facebook from advertising on traditional media. Facebook ad campaigns provide great targeting, flexibility and performance data.

There’s one more thing we didn’t mention.

Facebook advertising is patient.

It doesn’t interrupt or turn up the volume to grab your attention.  It’s part of the experience, not a break in it.

Traditional Facebooks ads, usually three to six in number, appear in the narrow right-hand column of your profile. They fall into two categories: standard and sponsored.

Without getting too technical, standard ads enable you to deliver custom messages to a targeted audience.  Sponsored stories, on the other hand, take real fan activity from your page (or app) and package it up as an ad to friends of your existing fans.

The simplest form of a sponsored story is the ‘page like’ story.  Fiona Fan likes Cool Company, the sponsored story tells Fiona’s friends, right there alongside Cool Company’s thumbnail image and a thumbs up like button.  We believe sponsored stories become more useful as your business page matures with more fans, more interactions and more frequent updates.

Expect to see Facebook advertising be even bigger this year.  You can expect to start seeing ads in your Facebook smartphone app and sponsored stories in your newsfeed.

What gets the click?

Whether standard or sponsored, your potential fans see and take in the ads as they browse.  Until one day, they click.

Tell me more, that click says. The person who clicks on your ad isn’t wishing to fast forward through it.  The person who clicks on your ad is choosing to engage.  That is the interactive jackpot of social advertising.

What is it exactly that makes someone click?

At socialface, we click on ads professionally.  No really, we do.  We look at the message, the copy, the image, and the landing page.  We look for patterns, for trends, for the edge that will make your Facebook ads more effective than your competitor’s.

Let’s leave sponsored stories to the side for now and tackle standard Facebook ads.  Why do some standard Facebook ads have a high click through rate while your Facebook ads might get few clicks.

We’ve trawled the web, asked the team, set up campaigns, and spent a good number of hours on Facebook looking purely at ads.  We’ve seen the good, the mediocre, and the downright frightening.

These are our top three reasons why your Facebook ads might be getting few clicks.

The image is generic

Don’t play safe.  Be eye-catching.

The image is (almost) everything in Facebook ad-land.  Peak their interest in that split second or they will move on.  When people like what they see, they’ll stick around just long enough to hear what you have to say.

Test out a variety of images and let the data tell you what works. The image cited most often as a good starting point is a smiling face.

The message is lacklustre

Once you’ve hooked your audience, reel them in.  You haven’t landed them yet.

Be urgent, be interesting, be funny, be irreverent, be charming.  Be different.

Don’t try to squeeze in too much.  The aim of your advertising copy is to entice your potential fan to click through to your landing page. Make it succinct and compelling.

The targeting is crude

This is the time to find out how well you know your customer base.  How old are they?  Where do they live?  Do they share interests other than your products?

If you have more than one audience, run more than one ad.  Don’t try to make your ad everything to everybody.  Broadening the appeal will only weaken it.

Don’t forget to test.  And test again.

And one more thing

Be ready for people to click through. Where will they go?  And what will they see?

Turn a high click through rate into a high conversation rate.  While you can choose a specific page on your website, we recommend linking your ad to a ‘like gate’ on your Facebook page and taking the opportunity to convert your visitor to a fan. In anticipation of your new fan’s arrival, lay out the welcome mat.  Make sure your content is fresh, your design professional, and your wall conversation interesting.

At socialface, we’ve seen clients on our Facebook ad package gain up to 50% of new fans directly from our Facebook ads.  (Stayed tuned for a case study or two coming soon.)

Tell us

What was the last ad you clicked on?  What made you click?


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