3 reasons to look before you leap onto Facebook for your business

Are you toying with the idea of getting your business on Facebook?

A fan page for your business is free and quick to set up.  In a matter of minutes, your business could have a new virtual face.

But will your business be ready to show its face on the social media stage?  Today we wanted to share with you three reasons why you should look before you leap so you can put your best foot (and face) forward.

1.  Design matters

Did you knock up your own website?  In all likelihood, you paid a website designer to develop and execute a concept.

Facebook is no different.  Effective pages start with a beautifully designed and carefully written landing page.   Dress to impress from the get-go.

In return, you’re in!  More people will click ‘like’ on your landing page to become your fan.  Conversion rates are critical because you want to get your page updates into their newsfeed.

2.  Personality matters

Your business Facebook page isn’t a 24-7 infomercial channel.

Think of it like a chat over coffee at your local.  Dial down the hard sell and talk to your fans.

Be funny.  Be cordial.  Be helpful.  Be you.

But be careful.  Your business Facebook page shouldn’t become your personal soapbox.  It’s easy to put something out there on a whim and the internet has a long memory.

Think about what your fans what to hear about, not what you want to tell them.  What interests them?  And what will keep them coming back?

3.  Consistency matters

Once you’re past the social media puppy love, posting on your Facebook page requires commitment.

Don’t set out the welcome mat to your new social media abode and then do a runner.  Your fans can and will write all over your wall.

If one of your fans has a question, be there to answer it.  If your fan has a compliment, be there to thank them for it.  If your fan has a complaint, be there to acknowledge and deal with it.

Customers don’t need to take your word on your commitment to customer service.  They see it in action on your Facebook page.

Take the leap

Facebook for business, when done well, can be incredibly powerful.  It can help you attract new staff, get direct feedback on your products and services, engage with people who genuinely like what you do, and give you that extra leverage with your other marketing and promotions.

Take the leap.  But before you do, have a clear vision for the design, consistency and personality of your page.  Plan and execute it with the care you would any other part of your business.  As you sow, so shall you reap.

Have you already taken the leap and set up a Facebook page for your business?  What do you wish you’d known before you did?

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